Variations of cancer – what symptoms to look out for

Variations of cancer – what symptoms to look out for

Cancer is a word that we hear more and more often these days but there are so many different types, it is impossible to know the symptoms of all. Keep in regular contact with your doctor and, if you notice any changes, make an appointment to get yourself checked out. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all.

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Some of the more common cancers, and their symptoms, are:

Prostate cancer is one of the cancers that affects men in the UK and many don’t think to get themselves checked out as they don’t know the symptoms. Typical symptoms include an increased frequency of having to go to the loo or difficulty starting to urinate. Other symptoms include blood in the urine, impotence and loss of bladder control.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women in the UK. Again, many women don’t think to self check themselves and often don’t notice changes to their breasts. Common symptoms include lumps in the breast, armpit or neck or a thickening or enlargement of the breast.

Bowel cancer is another common type of cancer afftecting people in the UK, but because of it’s nature many people put off going to the doctor; not a great idea as early diagnosis is key to recovery. Symptoms of bowel cancer include blood in the stools, a change in bowel habits, abdominal pain and unexplained weight loss. The condition is rare in people under 40 and the majority of cases are diagnosed in over 65-year-olds.

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