Causes and Cures for Baldness

Causes and Cures for Baldness

When Wayne Rooney got a hair transplant, people were rather divided in their opinions: some felt sympathy and empathised that if they had the money they, too, would follow his example. Whilst others rolled their eyes and muttered about male vanity gone mad.

Many men find themselves losing more hair than they should and realise that it’s taking them longer each day to wash their face. It’s normal to lose around 10,000 hairs per day, but these are normally replaced. However, male pattern baldness involves hair loss outstripping hair re-growth until eventually the barber says, ‘What would you like me to do with this?’, indicating the bald patch.

If men aged 20 to 45 start losing more hair than they can afford, chances are that they are experiencing the early stages of male pattern baldness. It usually starts to go first from the temples and crown. Over several years, eventually the head becomes completely bald or else develops the style more commonly associated with Friar Tuck.

The fact is that most men are genetically predisposed to the condition. Despite popular myth, though, it isn’t necessarily linked to your maternal grandfather.

If you are concerned about losing your hair, you can see your GP who might be able to recommend treatments to slow the progress. However, there are times when you should see your GP anyway:

  • if you lose lots of hair suddenly;
  • if the hair comes out in clumps or you can see lots of hair on your pillow, clothes or in the plug

Hair loss can be due to a number of reasons and can often be successfully treated, even if you’re not a millionaire footballer. For example, researchers are looking at fat cells in the skin that are the source of the chemicals that our bodies need for hair growth: the researchers hope that this discovery will lead to treatment of and reversal of baldness by kick-starting the follicles with an injection of the identified

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