Can aromatherapy help physical ailments

Can aromatherapy help physical ailments ?

Aromatherapy is the gentle art of using essential oils (volatile plant oils) for the treatment and prevention of disease. It is a complementary therapy that many believe can help them in the battle against illness and ailments. It is said to treat the whole person instead of just a particular symptom of an illness promoting the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain itself.

Essential oils can be burnt, added to baths or used as massage oil, meaning that the body absorbs the aroma, it is a natural remedy designed to be less manufactured than over the counter and prescription medicines.

There are many illnesses that can be put down to stress and anxiety rather than a physical problem that has occurred in the body, the holistic approach of aromatherapy takes this into account and attempts to heal the body as a whole and therefore heals the symptoms of your stresses and strains.

To use aromatherapy it is important to believe that it will work for you, an open mind and a willingness to try something different is a huge step in today’s modern world. Some will find it more difficult than others.

For symptoms of stress in particular, aromatherapy teaches you to sit back and relax and therefore actively encourages you to heal rather than just taking a painkiller or pills for a headache or an irritable bowel. If you cure the source of the problem rather than the symptoms it creates, it can most definitely work for you.

This is an ethical art that does not involve any testing on animals, on top of that there is research that has resulted in positive reinforcements of aromatherapy for example that jasmine does promote relaxation and can help people sleep. This is surely a much nicer product for your body to absorb, as it is entirely natural.

Many only turn to aromatherapy as a last resort but more and more doctors are willing to recommend it as a treatment which is an entirely positive outcome for those that have believed in and followed aromatherapy for some time.

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