Essential vitamins

It can be hard to pinpoint what exactly in your busy life you need to improve on and no one wants to take a hundred tablets a day. The truth is all we need a little help to be the healthiest person possible so vitamins and minerals are the obvious choice when it comes to jump starting your well-being.

Here are our top five vitamins for a healthier you:

1. VITAMIN C – the most well know if all the vitamins, everyone knows Vitamin C is found in oranges among other things. It is great for general health and keeps your immune system ship sharp, particularly important during the colder months.

2. VITAMIN E – one for the girl’s maybe, Vitamin E is renowned for working wonders with your hair and nails. For a double dose of healthy skin, try Vitamin A as well, you will often see these vitamins in beauty products such as moisturizers.

3. CALCIUM – great for bones, calcium is also quite well known for being found in milk and encouraging stronger bones. This is particularly important for the younger and older amongst of us as bones are weaker when growing and as they age, they become more brittle.

4. ACAI – an antioxidant and thoroughly modern addition to this list. Acai might not be familiar for a lot of people but it is a wonder berry that offers support for your immune system, encourages weight loss and increase energy levels, among other things.

5. OMEGA 3 – quite literally the brain food your mother would mention when forcing you to eat fish! Now you can get all your fatty acids in a capsule, omega 3 is fantastic for your eyesight, heart disease and blood pressure.

Including just one of these in your daily regime will help you in the battle against ill health. Including more than one will only improve your health more, it can be difficult to remember to take daily vitamins but we are confident you will feel the results within a couple of weeks.

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